Augmented and virtual

The first visual reality glasses for your smartphone

With vrAse you´ll be able to enjoy both realities in a single wireless device


All your smartphones

Let´s help mother nature avoiding programmed obsolescence

vrAse has an inclusive system that allows you to use your current and future smartphones (1)


Full Frame View

See all the smartphone screen; impressive image quality, 3D and immersion

Enjoy longer vrAse sessions, thanks to the extra visual comfort that our optic design provides


To your measure

Integrated focus, interpupillary and lens-to-eye adjustments

We all have different faces and eyes, that´s why having the most adjustments will help you find the perfect fit


Ultra High Definition

vrAse focuses on having the highest quality of vision

Enjoy a very comfortable vision, with no Light Ray Artifact, low chromatic aberration and minimum image distortion


Compact: 330 grams (3)

Soft: Face contact and straps

Sturdy: Reinforced multi-material components

Aerodynamic: 20 cm² openings that minimize lenses fogging

Cozy: Straps without hard plastics and Velcro® that doesn´t snag your hair


(1) Maximum dimensions: 163mm*85mm*10mm.
(2) Among VR&AR devices for smartphones with equivalent specifications to vrAse (As of December 2018 press release, based on EYEDAK research).
(3) vrAse total weight without smartphone and straps.

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