The ultimate visual reality glasses

Recommended smartphones

5'5 to 6'8 inches(*) screens with high pixel density.

In the box

vrAse, carrying bag and quick start guide.


· New experiences and learning.
· 3D Movies and multimedia content.
· Immersive and interactive games.
· Augmented reality using the smartphone camera/s.
· PC content visualization via streaming.
· Professional development of V.R.&A.R.
· Visual enhancement via A.R.
· Centralized data and video analysis.
· Huge data visualization.
· Browsing internet through immersive data.

Highlights (1)

· The first quality V.R.&A.R. device for smartphones launched in 2013.
· Comfortable for long periods of use.
· Industry’s highest definition optics for V.R.&A.R.
· Lightest quality V.R.&A.R. device for smartphones.
· No light scattering.
· Low chromatic aberration.
· Multi-material components.
· Robust, reliable, field-proven design.
· Very low optical distortion.
· No hard plastics in contact with head.


· Smartphone positioning: Independent axis
· Smartphone adjustments: Height, width and thickness
· (*)Maximum smartphone dimensions: 163mm x 85mm x 10mm

· Airflow: 20 cm2 of Zorflex® surface
· Weight: 330 grams without straps. 398 grams with straps
· Outside dimensions: 180mm x 134mm x 116mm

· Straps: Soft Velcro®
· Face contact: Removable and cleanable Polartec®
· Building materials: Antireflective and texturized composite

· Optics: 40mm, custom and hand-made
/ Certificates: I.A.C. and Universitat de Valencia
/ Adjustments: Inter-pupillary, focus and vertex

· Focus positions: Continuous
/ Adjustment range: 15mm
/ Positioning: Main body integrated. Independent axis

· Inter-pupillary positions: Continuous
/ Adjustment range: 75mm to 55mm
/ Positioning: Independent axis

· Eye to lens positions: 5
/ Adjustment range: 10mm
/ Positioning: Double. Independent axis

· Device certificate: CE
· Designed and made in: Spain
· Storage and operating temperature: -5 to 40 degrees celsius



In harmony with nature

How can a device like vrAse be eco-logical?

The whole process starts by...well...being logical, and thinking how all the processes
and parts that we need to build and distribute vrAse, can be integrated using the least amount of resources.


Build a bridge to Virtual and Augmented Reality to enable new things like remote assistance and work, simulation, virtual travel, visual enhancement and analysis.

This is the fastest, safest and most practical way of reducing the ecological footprint of these activities.


Product is built together with local companies.

We try to outsource as much processes as possible, to avoid doing the same things others do better than us.


vrAse is anti-aging by its design
nature so it can be used for many years.

Packaging is reduced to the minimum and its only given what is really necessary; less than 140 grams that protects vrAse during its transportation and storage.

Paper is also reduced to a minimum and we use only the best providers with responsible sources.

(1) Among VR&AR devices for smartphones with equivalent specifications to vrAse. As of December 2018, based on EYEDAK research.
(2) Smartphone maximum dimensions: 163mm*85mm*10mm.

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