Information about vrAse official guarantee

vrAse guarantee covers the productions defects of vrAse and its official accessories for a period of 2 years from the original purchase day.

This guarantee can be enforced by the consumer within 2 months from the discovery of the defect. We suggest, for this reason, to keep your receipt, invoice or other similar document/proof of purchase received when you bought vrAse.

Damages deriving from the use, from an accident or caused by the natural wear and tear do not fall within this guarantee. EYEDAK denies any responsibility deriving from incidental or consequential damages caused by the misuse of vrAse or its components. This guarantee does not cover any possible damages to the smartphone which can derive from the misuse of vrAse.

The following applies only to consumers as defined by the Law; In case of defect, the consumer is entitled, at its own discretion, to the repair or the substitution of the defected products by the seller, without any additional cost, save if the requested remedy is not possible or too much expensive in respect of the other. If repair or substitution are not possible, the consumer has, in any case, the right to have a reduction of the price or to have a sum proportioned to the product value paid back, against the return of the product to the seller.

Read and follow carefully vrAse instructions.

Warranty repair & replacement service instructions:

1- Before sending anything to EYEDAK, tell us with a clearly written explanation what happened to your vrAse selecting “support & warranty” in our contact page.

2- If our Customer Support Services determines that your problem qualifies under warranty coverage, you will be issued a return merchandise authorization code.

3- Prepare a safe package to return to EYEDAK.

4- Introduce in the package your vrAse unit, the return merchandise authorization code (clearly written or printed), the original purchase receipt and all the original accessories included.

5- Send the package to;

Alcalde Segundo Pampillón, 20
SPAIN. 36419


a) Returns that don’t have a Return Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.) code will be returned to customers.
b) Do not hand deliver your product to this facility, even if you are local, as it is not setup to receive visitors.
c) If you have any questions, get in contact with us.


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